The colorful amphibian
you will dive deep into the natural beauty of the island
The carnivorous plant
Do not be afraid; come and discover this fabulous creature and thousand other endemic species



Exploring developing countries like Madagascar has the enormous advantage of opening the doors of a hidden or forgotten world.
It then becomes possible to make a real journey through time by discovering different tourist sites steeped in history, archaeological discovery, rare species to preserve.


Madagascar is a melting pot, a migration center for people from Asia, Indian ocean, Africa and East of Europe. That's why the 18 ethnies have each own culture: the tanala, people of the forest; the Merina: people in the highland....
The difference from one side to other.
The East with rainy green forest ;narrow coast.
The relief decreases in slope to the level of a wide plain in the west.
The north; the world's vanilla capital city.
One of the first places of human settlement.
The south; dry and hot area; with the importance result of the erosion having created the Isalo.


Culture left by the ancestor is maintained until today.
The wild with freedom lemur and zebus. A lot of world heritage-classified parks.
Very Ancient forests; national park of Marojezy; Andohahela; Zahamena; Ranomafana; Andringitra and Masoala. Some list of highlights: Bemaraha tsingy; eastern rainforest; Royal hill of Ambohimanga; the Zafimaniry woodcraft classified as immaterial heritage. Land of tradition; rich with historical places.
The abundance of attractive sites and natural spa in volcanic area.
Some massif and high mountain to climb and to explore.

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